Saturday, October 28, 2023

Living On Gaza Time

  • The Israeli Army is on the ground in Gaza, and they are not in the mood for diplomacy. The retribution on Hamas is being administered.
  • More carnage in gun-free zones. This time it's in Maine.
  • Mike Johnson becomes the new Speaker of the House. McCarthy didn't take it well.
  • Marie Osmond talks parenting policies.
  • Malta is the newly proposed site for a globalist conference, led by Ukraine.
  • A Devil Comet draws new to the Earth.. Is it 'Wormwood', from the Book of the Revelation?
  • And Oklahoma looks to secure a new federal interstate designation. It's currently Hwy 412.
  • Plus Eddie seeks 'just due' for Texas Tech, and Dave & Eddie talk about vengeance and the Christian act of forgiveness.
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