Sunday, August 15, 2021

Resisting the Zippers In A Brave New World - full show

This week's episode;
  Host Eddie Huff & David discuss the latest news about Birthday Indulgences to party without Covid spread.
  Oklahoma Drivers resist the Zipper merge(or collated, as the sophisticated Europeans call it). And the lawmaker who unashamedly pledged to not let others merge.
  Public school administrators whine about being banned from imposing mandates on kids. The tyranny of not being allowed to be a tyrant.
  College & pro sports face severe revenue losses from being too 'woke'.
  David reviews the candidates in the State Superintendent race, and why Ryan Walters is a different kind of candidate.
  And so much more. Video file.
(show note: the video has some freeze frames at a couple different parts of the show)