Saturday, July 1, 2023

Disaster Forensics With Joe Kralicek

Disaster Forensics

Last week, Northeastern Oklahoma was devastated by the worst straight wind blast in decades. The 113mph blast centered it target on central Tulsa, but the damage path was nearly 100 miles wide, and went through several counties.
Joe Kralicek was at the helm of the Tulsa Emergency Management operations base two hours in advance. 
At 10 pm Saturday night, Joe was monitoring both the path, and intensity. The 'perfect storm' was also perfectly aimed at his downtown Tulsa offices.
He began calling in his needed team from all agencies in the city, county, and state. He chose to activate tornado sirens, because the real impact was going to be that of an F1 twister. But imagine a wall of 500 F1 tornados in a synchronized sweep, at midnight Sunday morning.
Joe tells us what these past two weeks have encompassed, and what role his office is tasked with. 
Joe gives us an insight into what his education and resume did to prepare him for the job.
In the episode to follow this one, Eddie & Dave provide their observations, and the rest of the news coverage for this week.
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