Sunday, August 22, 2021

Afghan Gaffs - Covid Goofs - plus Darren Gantz - full show

This week's episode;
We recap the week's most notable events:
1. The gaffs & ineptitude of the Afghan fall to the Taliban forces.
2. the covid news and fake news. the coverups, fake news, and deliberate confusion about treatment options for successful recovery.
Lastly, we hear from special guest, Darren Gantz, the Finance Chairman for the Oklahoma Republican Party, and his successful efforts to restore fiscal austerity under chairman John Bennett.
Show Notes: 
Among the commitments of the Taliban, to women & girls, are the following..
  1. The right to remain silent.
  2. The right to equal employment inside the home with the other wives.
  3. The right of freedom of movement. Again, inside the home.
  4. The right to free healthcare that is on par with the best veterinary care in the country.
  5. The right to an education in Islam.
  6. The right to be married to whichever brave Taliban fighter chooses them.
  7. The right to bear children and raise them up to defend the Islamic Emirate.
  8. The right to marry at any age.
  9. The right to choose the color of their burqa.
  10. The right to be seen in public, so long as they are fully covered and in the presence of their husband.
  11. The right to speak freely with other women about how to take care of the house and raise children.
  12. The right to have only one hand chopped off as a warning in cases of minor infractions.
  13. The right to trial by husband.
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