Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How Ralph Northam May Have Damaged Black Americans More Than The Klan Has In The Last 100 Years


  • By now most everyone has heard about the battle going on in Virginia over the Governor and his college costume. How he was either wearing “Black Face” or a KKK hood and robe. He refuses to resign and it appears that he will survive this, as culpable black folks are lining up to support him. This is, of course, more a matter of “we hate Republicans more than we hate Democrats so we cannot let the Republicans win,” than it is support of Northam.   In essence they are selling their souls. To compound the matter these same Negroes (supposed Christians at that), are supporting a man, Northam, that supports and actually tried to defend the ending of a baby's life OUTSIDE of the womb. That in itself is astonishing, especially considering that the number 1 group getting aborted are black babies.

    Given all of this, the Northam debacle may expose something that black Liberals would really not like to have exposed. In an interview with Gail King, on Northam's media tour, the governor said something that did not sit well with most black people. Northam stated that the first Africans brought to Virginia were “Indentured Servants.” For those who do not know what an indentured servant is, it is a person who agrees, or is forced, under a contract, to work for others FOR A SET PERIOD OF TIME, to pay off a debt. At the end of the stated period of time the person is free. In Northam's interview Gail King challenged Northam's use of the words “indentured servants.” She called him out saying “they are called slaves.” Actually, though, Gail was wrong and Northam was right.  Most history books tells us that the first Africans brought to the U.S. and Virginia were brought as slaves in 1619. I know that is what I was taught. The truth is that they were in reality indentured servants. After seven years of indenture, they were set free.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Hypocrisy Of Social Justice Warriors

 I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In the 26 years that I have lived here I, and everyone else living here, is regularly reminded of the "1921 Tulsa Race Riot," which many would lead you to believe was the greatest massacre and injustice ever perpetrated on this earth.  Some, I believe, like the Tulsa mayor,  are so eager to bring attention to this city that they are willing to have this be the most memorable and note worthy attraction to our city.  "Hey world, when you think of Tulsa, think Race Riot."  I think that is just insane, but I will let him and others, like him, live with the ramifications of this.

As we get closer and the 100 year anniversary approaches we will be reminded more and more of this event. I will use that as an opportunity to delve more deeply into other aspects of the riot, the planned commemoration and how it plays right into the hands of certain groups, such as "NCOBRA" and other National Slavery Reparations groups who have and continue to seek use this riot as a gateway into a national reparations action.  But that is for a later discussion. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018


In 1998 I wrote the essay below. As I see many young gifted and black white and other men and women as opposed to the tired, old "leftist" crowd, I decided to reprint it. Please remember that this as written in 1998 so many of the names referred to are from that time, BUT the message and result are the same.  
Eddie Huff 10-2018

With the controversy surrounding Judge Clarence Thomas’s speech before the National Bar Association recently, and his stigma of being an Uncle Tom, I was caused to ponder. Why do he and many other men who are otherwise respected by their peers seem to have this image to deal with. I think of Reggie White who for standing up and speaking his heart gave up a lucrative media deal. I think of the Rev. Floyd Flake who after serving his people as a Democratic representative for years was unwelcome by his black colleagues. I think of Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams who because of their boldness to consider and put forth a new and scholarly way of thinking are continually ostracized by their own people. I think of J.C. Watts and Alan Keyes who should be heralded as examples of hard work and achievement but rather are ridiculed and ignored by those who should embrace what they have to say.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

From The Plantation to The Kennel- From Slaves to Pets.

 You have heard the saying, "going from the frying pan into the fire."  In other words, going from bad to worse.  Well, when it comes to Black America I think we may have such a situation.  For several years many black Conservatives have used "The Plantation" metaphor to describe the relationship of black Americans to the Democrat Party and their Liberal-Progressive leaders.  The idea is that most black Americans have been re-enslaved by Liberal ideology and groups to do their bidding. The Democrat or Liberal Plantation is considered the new space occupied by many black Americans and they are run by their white Liberal masters and black overseers.

While I think this fits, in many cases, just recently I have come to see a different metaphor.  That is one of a kennel.  Black People have become "The Pets" of the Liberal Progressive movement and the Democrat Party, and they now live in a virtual kennel.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Anti-establishment Republicans Shoot themselves and Become Victims of their Own Device

  • Yesterday was the kickoff of the 2016 Republican national Convention and it was all that Donald Trump promised.. Not Boring!!

    Beside Rudy Giuliani's speech, which was awesome, Sheriff David Clark's powerful speech and Melania Trump's stunning appearance and speech, complete with The Donald's “Rock Star” entrance, the day began with some controversy.  The news all day, up until the speeches was the supposed RNC Rules fight in the afternoon. In the end it was not as big of a deal as the MSM wanted to make of it, but there is one take away that I do not think most people got. That's what I am here for.

    This morning, the day after, you still have Glen Beck and others whining and complaining about the trampling of Democracy they perceive as having occurred. They are upset because an individual vote of each delegate was not taken on the rules. Interestingly, this comes mainly from the same people who thought it is perfectly okay not allow people in their states to have a vote on the Party's presidential candidate. In fact those who complained in those states were called babies, and people who do not understand The Constitution and Republican representation. When it was used on them, however, they went into tantrum mode and cried that Democracy was trampled upon and their rights violated. Just like children who did not get their way.

    Here is the tragedy of this struggle though.  After things settled down, those wanting to affect the rule changes complained that it was not about “Stop Trump,” or “Never Trump.” They are now saying it was about other rules which would have given greater power and influence to the common man and woman vs. the establishment. This was even Glen Beck's spiel this morning.

    I actually agree with many of the changes they wanted to propose and am sorry that they did not get a hearing or vote. BUT, it is their own fault that these things did not get a hearing. No one heard about any of that before now. Almost the entire time leading up to the convention, and the rules committee meeting last week, all we heard was that “Stop Trump,” had some tricks up their sleeve and planed to still stop the nomination of Donald Trump. Kendall Unruh the main antagonist and face of this movement was all over media, making it known that they still had plans. Then after their plans failed in the rules committee Unruh and others were again in the media saying they had some surprises for the convention floor.  All we heard was that they wanted to foil the nomination of Donald J. Trump. As late as yesterday afternoon I was getting attacked by #NEVETRUMPERS,” on Twitter, telling me that he was going down.  Nowhere did I hear one word about any positive rule change proposals. It was all STOP TRUMP!!! Then they got shut down and the whining began.

    It reminds me of something that happened in my senior year in high school. There was a girl interested in me and I had shown some interest in her. I really had no plans to go after this girl but there was another guy who apparently liked her more than me and became really jealous. He let it be known that he was going to lure me into a trap where some guys were going to jump me outside of the school the next day. That was his mistake making his plans known, as my friends found out and let me know. So that next morning I dressed in clothes that were suitable for a fight and I went prepared. Just before class was to start he challenged me to a fight and told me to meet him outside. I said no, I am staying right here. He said he did not want to get into trouble by fighting in the school building. I said I did not want to get into trouble either but that I was not going outside. He called me a “punk,” which is slang for sissy or chicken, if I didn't follow him outside. As he turned to go, I grabbed him drug him back in and began beating the crap out of him. From a corner on the floor where I had knocked him he pulled out a box cutter out of his pocket and came after me. I ran into the music room, found a collapsible note stand, and then turned on him. He then tried to flee but my friends grabbed him and took the blade away from him. Why did I tell you all of this and how does it relate? Just as this guys early threats and bragging about what he wanted to do to me had me prepared for the fight and resulted in this guy getting a beat down, the constant negativity, threatening, and just plain nastiness of the #NEVERTRUMP movement had the RNC prepared to deal with what they saw as a planned ambush. The ambush, however, was that of “STOP TRUMP” being ambushed at the hands of the RNC.

    Please forgive me if I do not feel bad about the way the RNC handled the matter. #NEVERTRUMP hurt not only their mission, but sadly hurt innocent Republicans that would have brought about needed change in the RNC rules. NEVERTRUMP was selfish and arrogant thinking only of their own misguided interests.  

    I can only hope that those behind this are dealt with in the manner they sought to deal with the rest of us and removed from the ability to harm others any more.