Saturday, February 11, 2023

Tourettes Nation, Merkel's Panic, & Balloon Wars

Tourettes Nation, Merkel's Panic, & Balloon Wars

Dave & Eddie start the show with mens' health news, followed by Eddie's personal story of how he lived with Tourette's syndrom over the decades. 
We delve into global politics and why the world loves a weak US President.
Dr. Huff (an 'afrophysicist'), explains to Dave what the word negroid means and why some leftists are outraged when they hear the word.
Dave reports on the major battles at the Oklahoma legislature. Eddie gives a huge review of the best steak house in Tulsa (and you won't guess where).
We then take a deep dive into how the civil war radically changed our federal govt.'s power over the states who created the USA.

We salute the new leaders of the NAACP in Oklahoma and Dave adds his personal acct. of how he's worked well with some of them.

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