Saturday, January 7, 2023

New Year Reforms

Eddie & Dave begin a 3rd year of weekly news updates with this look ahead into 2023.
We take some time to discuss college sports and all the associated contradictions therein.
Eddie talks about children committing murders and how this problem developed.
President Brandon is finally going to the Mexican border, but not before the feds thoroughly clean up El Paso, TX.
Then e discuss the biggest political story oof the week. Oklahoma's congressional delegation is increasing their impact in the Republican majority.
Kevin Hern is rising in stature and could soon become even more prominent.
Tom Cole will run the Rules Committee, but with a bigger Freedom Caucus presence.
Josh Brecheen is already making waves with his success in neutralizing the Speaker's PAC in open primaries.
Lastly, we discuss the Oklahoma Inaugural and the beginning of Governor Kevin Stitt's 2nd term.
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