Saturday, June 11, 2022

Congressional Politics & Tribal Compacts, With Wes Nofire

 Congressional Politics &  Tribal Compacts

Wes Nofire may be the best hope for bringing the Eastern Oklahoma Tribes and the state political leaders to a constructive dialogue and solution to the current standoffs over crime & casino policies.
Wes is a Cherokee Tribal Council member and a conservative Republican running for the US congressional district for Eastern Oklahoma. His campaign manager is a former Mullin congressional staffer and political organizer; as well as a West Point Military Graduate.  The Nofire campaign announced that they have the support of both Gov. Kevin Stitt & AG John O'Conner.  Having the trust of tribal members and their adversary (Gov. Stitt) is a rare reality.
 So we sat down for an in-depth interview about the issues impacting Eastern Oklahoma and our state's business environment.
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