Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Democrats Real Impeachment Strategy

  • I think everyone, except maybe AOC knows that it will be virtually impossible to impeach President Trump.  It is not about impeachment.  So, what is the real deal here?  The real goal is to see that he does not get re-elected.  The focus is on stopping the Trump re-election and this is seen as easier than impeachment.

    Here is how the strategy works.  The Democrats in the House will not approve any measure that would help Trump.  Yes, there is a risk in not doing any legislation in 4 years,  but if in doing nothing and making it look like Trump has done nothing, or only bad, there may be a reward.  By blocking a wall or any meaningful immigration policy, not repealing or fixing Obamacare, and putting up other obstacles, the Dems hope to demoralize the American people,  especially with their more than willing allies in the media.  They will try and blame Trump for all of it.  For example, we are told that the Dems took back the house because people were upset at Trump and the GOP for getting rid of and not fixing Obamacare.  Well wait a minute, Obamacare is still the law of the land.  Trump and the GOP tried to fix it; remember?  Who actually blocked the getting rid of it.  The Democrats with the help of John McCain.   You would think that Trump is the author of the current healthcare plan, but no it is still OBAMACARE!!.