Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How Ralph Northam May Have Damaged Black Americans More Than The Klan Has In The Last 100 Years


  • By now most everyone has heard about the battle going on in Virginia over the Governor and his college costume. How he was either wearing “Black Face” or a KKK hood and robe. He refuses to resign and it appears that he will survive this, as culpable black folks are lining up to support him. This is, of course, more a matter of “we hate Republicans more than we hate Democrats so we cannot let the Republicans win,” than it is support of Northam.   In essence they are selling their souls. To compound the matter these same Negroes (supposed Christians at that), are supporting a man, Northam, that supports and actually tried to defend the ending of a baby's life OUTSIDE of the womb. That in itself is astonishing, especially considering that the number 1 group getting aborted are black babies.

    Given all of this, the Northam debacle may expose something that black Liberals would really not like to have exposed. In an interview with Gail King, on Northam's media tour, the governor said something that did not sit well with most black people. Northam stated that the first Africans brought to Virginia were “Indentured Servants.” For those who do not know what an indentured servant is, it is a person who agrees, or is forced, under a contract, to work for others FOR A SET PERIOD OF TIME, to pay off a debt. At the end of the stated period of time the person is free. In Northam's interview Gail King challenged Northam's use of the words “indentured servants.” She called him out saying “they are called slaves.” Actually, though, Gail was wrong and Northam was right.  Most history books tells us that the first Africans brought to the U.S. and Virginia were brought as slaves in 1619. I know that is what I was taught. The truth is that they were in reality indentured servants. After seven years of indenture, they were set free.

    Now here is where things get really interesting. One of those initial African “indentured servants” was named Anthony Johnson. He served out his indenture after which he was set free and given his own land. Johnson then purchased the indenture of his own servants, one being named John Castor. Castor was to have worked for Johnson for seven years, but Johnson had him work for another seven. At the end of the second seven year period Johnson's WHITE neighbor secured the freedom of John Castor. Johnson (may he rot in hell), however, went to court accusing Castor of having tried to violate his indenture earlier and as punishment Castor was declared Johnson's “Slave for LIFE”!!

    So, the closely kept secret, actually not a secret, just not spoken of, is now out and I am sure people researching will discover,  that the very first true slave, for life, in America and the case that set in motion 250 years of chattel slavery was instituted at the hands of a BLACK owner.

    This truth should knock some of our Progressive “white privilege” proponents back a few steps. Of course I can hear them making all kinds of excuses as to why this does not count. To borrow the phrase from The X Files, “The Truth Is Out there,” now, for everyone to see.

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