Monday, October 15, 2018

The Hypocrisy Of Social Justice Warriors

 I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In the 26 years that I have lived here I, and everyone else living here, is regularly reminded of the "1921 Tulsa Race Riot," which many would lead you to believe was the greatest massacre and injustice ever perpetrated on this earth.  Some, I believe, like the Tulsa mayor,  are so eager to bring attention to this city that they are willing to have this be the most memorable and note worthy attraction to our city.  "Hey world, when you think of Tulsa, think Race Riot."  I think that is just insane, but I will let him and others, like him, live with the ramifications of this.

As we get closer and the 100 year anniversary approaches we will be reminded more and more of this event. I will use that as an opportunity to delve more deeply into other aspects of the riot, the planned commemoration and how it plays right into the hands of certain groups, such as "NCOBRA" and other National Slavery Reparations groups who have and continue to seek use this riot as a gateway into a national reparations action.  But that is for a later discussion. 

Today, I want to discuss the hypocrisy of many on the "Left" and particularly black Progressives, like Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and others, who were and are so adamantly opposed to the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  I say those people should be ashamed of themselves and never speak about injustice again. 

Let me remind them to look at the history of imprisonment and execution, by legal action and mob lynching, of black men into the 1950s and early 60s. Many of these men were charged, convicted and punished by the mere accusation of  women. I truly hate to say it, but it was exclusively white women. Many of these accusers later recanted as is the case of the woman central to the Emmett Till case, or were later found to have made up the charges. The Emmett Till case is one that most of the same Progressives love to champion as a case of "social injustice." Emmett, at age 15, was beaten to death due to the accusation of a woman that he had flirted with her.  His assailants were found not guilty of murder and the case is a true example of injustice.

I bring up the Tulsa Race Riot because the entire event was triggered by an accusation of a young white woman who accused a young black elevator operator of molesting her.  The young man was arrested and jailed and after hearing rumors that a lynch party was being organized a group of armed black men headed to the jail to protect him. A new rumor spread that armed black men were headed to the jail to break him out and by the time they got to the jail the armed black men were met by a larger group of armed whites and the rest is an ugly history that the mayor and other leaders of Tulsa want to herald.

My point is this. Most of the same people that wanted to see Judge Kavanaugh kept from being appointed to the Supreme Court, based upon the uncorroborated accusations of one woman are the same people who evoke the name of Emmett Till as an example of injustice. The times and races of the individuals is different BUT they share one thing in common.  Both men were victims of the uncorroborated accusations of one woman.  these are also the same people who believe reparations are due for the injustices suffered.  They do themselves and their cause an injustice in the hypocrisy they show.  Even Colin Kaepernick and Black Lives matter dare not open their mouths in defense of Judge Kavanaugh.

So, when you hear Kamala Harris, any other black politician, Don Lemon and any other black commentator, or some uneducated black entertainer or sports figure lament against judge Kavanaugh, and the turn around and evoke the name of Emmett Till and other injustice to black people, you will know to point out hypocrisy in the highest order.

I will write more about the Tulsa Race riot, the circumstances surrounding it and its ties to the Reparations Movement, in the months ahead.