Monday, October 15, 2018

The Hypocrisy Of Social Justice Warriors

 I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In the 26 years that I have lived here I, and everyone else living here, is regularly reminded of the "1921 Tulsa Race Riot," which many would lead you to believe was the greatest massacre and injustice ever perpetrated on this earth.  Some, I believe, like the Tulsa mayor,  are so eager to bring attention to this city that they are willing to have this be the most memorable and note worthy attraction to our city.  "Hey world, when you think of Tulsa, think Race Riot."  I think that is just insane, but I will let him and others, like him, live with the ramifications of this.

As we get closer and the 100 year anniversary approaches we will be reminded more and more of this event. I will use that as an opportunity to delve more deeply into other aspects of the riot, the planned commemoration and how it plays right into the hands of certain groups, such as "NCOBRA" and other National Slavery Reparations groups who have and continue to seek use this riot as a gateway into a national reparations action.  But that is for a later discussion. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018


In 1998 I wrote the essay below. As I see many young gifted and black white and other men and women as opposed to the tired, old "leftist" crowd, I decided to reprint it. Please remember that this as written in 1998 so many of the names referred to are from that time, BUT the message and result are the same.  
Eddie Huff 10-2018

With the controversy surrounding Judge Clarence Thomas’s speech before the National Bar Association recently, and his stigma of being an Uncle Tom, I was caused to ponder. Why do he and many other men who are otherwise respected by their peers seem to have this image to deal with. I think of Reggie White who for standing up and speaking his heart gave up a lucrative media deal. I think of the Rev. Floyd Flake who after serving his people as a Democratic representative for years was unwelcome by his black colleagues. I think of Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams who because of their boldness to consider and put forth a new and scholarly way of thinking are continually ostracized by their own people. I think of J.C. Watts and Alan Keyes who should be heralded as examples of hard work and achievement but rather are ridiculed and ignored by those who should embrace what they have to say.