Tuesday, September 11, 2018

From The Plantation to The Kennel- From Slaves to Pets.

 You have heard the saying, "going from the frying pan into the fire."  In other words, going from bad to worse.  Well, when it comes to Black America I think we may have such a situation.  For several years many black Conservatives have used "The Plantation" metaphor to describe the relationship of black Americans to the Democrat Party and their Liberal-Progressive leaders.  The idea is that most black Americans have been re-enslaved by Liberal ideology and groups to do their bidding. The Democrat or Liberal Plantation is considered the new space occupied by many black Americans and they are run by their white Liberal masters and black overseers.

While I think this fits, in many cases, just recently I have come to see a different metaphor.  That is one of a kennel.  Black People have become "The Pets" of the Liberal Progressive movement and the Democrat Party, and they now live in a virtual kennel.