Saturday, January 16, 2016

Time For Another Paradigm Shift In American Religious and Political Thought

  • Back in the mid to late nineties the word paradigm became popular and there was lots of talk about paradigm shifts.  For those that did not get the memo or who may not know what a paradigm shift is, it is merely a change in the way things are thought of, accepted and/or done.  You could say that it is not doing business as usual.  The 1990s showed us that there had been a paradigm shift in business, religion and in politics.  It became adapt or die and no longer business as usual.

    It was the 1992 presidential campaign in which we saw a paradigm shift in that the Moral Majority of Jerry Falwell, that was given credit for electing Jimmy Carter once and then Ronald Reagan twice, was crushed by Bill Clinton. In business, technology became king, and in religion churches with a great IT and audio video departments grew while others did not.  We saw another paradigm shift in 2008 when Barack Obama defied the old schools of thought and combined the use of technology and change in social mores to win election.