Friday, July 18, 2008

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy


Posted:2008-07-18 12:55:09 UTC-05:00

Speaker of the House Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has called President Bush a "total failure." I do not know if the Speaker should be making such statements. What did President Roosevelt say, "speak softly and carry a big stick?"

Since she brought it up, let's just compare the record of President Bush and the Congress since Mrs. Pelosi took control.

From Feb 1, 2001-2007 the Dow Jones Industrial Average went from 11,100 to 12, 657 and by July of the 2007 it peaked at 14,200. I used Feb. 1 in these years because that is 10 days after President Bush took office in 2001 and the Democrats & Mrs. Pelosi took power in 2007. We see a rise in the market of almost 3000 points by July of 2007.

If we look at the market since July of 2007 it has now fallen from 14,200 back 11,400, almost where it began at the start of President Bush's term. It has risen several hundred points this week, but what is coincidental to this rise? It happens to be President Bush announcing that he was lifting the Clinton executive order banning U.S. off shore drilling for oil.

We can look at similar charts and stats on employment, housing, and inflation and in each case we can trace a decline to the take over by Democrats in Congress.

The truth is that the Pelosi/Reid congress are the real failure. They have been nothing but an obstructionist congress fighting any and every piece of legislation in order to self-fulfill prophecy. Success on the part of the Bush administration would mean doom for them.